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From First Draft to Final Draft

                                        "Straight up the best editor I've ever worked with!"
                                                                                             --Rebecca Tyler

he right editor can turn your rough draft into a polished manuscript. There's a reason Stephen King and J.K. Rowling and many other great writers thank their editors -- they make their work better. A good editor can spot mistakes and suggest rewrites that an author -- so close to their own work -- can miss.

Albany Editing is a full-service editing company that puts your needs first. We work hard to keep your voice and style in everything you do, from fiction to non-fiction, business to personal. We take your book as seriously as you do and can walk you through the entire process.

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Publishers expect your work to be nearly perfect when you submit it. Budget cuts keep them from having the time to edit books and develop talent the way they used to. Professional editing allows you to hand them a professional manuscript. (To learn more about the way publishing works, see Reasons to Hire an Editor.)

We edit:
  • Novels                                          
  • Short Stories                                   
  • Poetry                                           
  • Plays                                            
  • Picture Books                                
  • Middle Grade
  • Young Adult
  • Self-Help
  • How-to
  • Humor
  • Memoir                                                                                        
Our editors work with either print or electronic copy -- whatever is most comfortable for you. We feature fast turnaround times on all our editorial services, with prices designed to fit nearly any budget. Services include copyediting, content editing, fact-checking and book marketing.

"He sees things no one else sees."
--Zackary Richards, owner of Ari Publishing

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